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Who we are

About us

Kewnode is a privately held limited company based in London that specializes in mobile and web development. We are proud to say that we manage entire projects in house, from the initial wireframe and development using open source technologies through to deployment on our finely tuned servers.

We provide software development services according to best practices and the latest technologies. We have earned a reputation for consistently delivering successful solutions on time and on budget, resulting in outstanding, long term customer relationships. We deliver three simple things to ensure each client's success - value, a simple process, and return on investment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that good software does not happen by accident. Good software is the result of a large amount of creative effort applied according to processes which ensures that the result is not merely satisfactory, but exceeds user expectations.

At Kewnode, this translates into creating high-quality, scalable and future-proof solutions. We employ industry best practices at each stage of our development process, as well as provide unparalleled client access to our internal development systems at each milestone along the way.

We look forward to showing you how painless we can make the development process. Please contact us to discuss what we can do for your company.



What We Do

We work on cutting edge technologies to architect and create scalable, future-proof, and out-of-the-box solutions. Thanks to our expertise in mobile and web development we are able to assist other companies and take the most complex and challenging development off their hands.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We help in tapping the potential of the cloud architecture for achieving high application scalability and performance. More »

Open Source

Open Source

We provide consultancy, support and services around key Open Source technologies to speed time to market and lower licensing costs. More »


Let's talk about the future

We have been delivering exceptional software for more than 10 years

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