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How we work

We pledge to deliver three simple things to ensure each client's success: value, a simple process, and return on investment.

We will work with you to understand your business objectives. We will then analyse, design, develop, implement, and maintain a system that helps you to achieve exactly what you want.

Kewnode follows Agile software development methods to accelerate time to market and keep in sync with customer demands. Agile development is driven by a vision to achieve business value and fosters better teamwork resulting in increased productivity, higher quality, and responding more rapidly to market demands.

Clients Area

We provide our clients with the ability to view the progress of their development as it happens via their private client area, as well as provide unparalleled client access to our internal development systems at each milestone along the way.

Kewnode's secure web-based Project Management System streamlines communication and improves project delivery. Our collaborative environment ensures that complicated and decentralized projects can be managed more efficiently, saving both time and money on each project.



What We Do

We work on cutting edge technologies to architect and create scalable, future-proof, and out-of-the-box solutions. Thanks to our expertise in mobile and web development we are able to assist other companies and take the most complex and challenging development off their hands.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We help in tapping the potential of the cloud architecture for achieving high application scalability and performance. More »

Open Source

Open Source

We provide consultancy, support and services around key Open Source technologies to speed time to market and lower licensing costs. More »


Let's talk about the future

We have been delivering exceptional software for more than 10 years

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